QAC Committee Descriptions



The Board of Directors always welcomes help from our singers and singers' family/friends.

Please consider signing up for one of our Committees that are listed

so we can continue to present quality performances to our community.

Singers can contact the committee chairman to indicate their interest, using the Membership Roster which is given to singers after the first or second rehearsal. Or contact Carlene Cooke at


______________Program Assembly/Delivery Team: (Sharon Balling) Prepares mock-up of programs including: cover design, advertising, lists of members and contributors. Takes program to printer and distributes it at concerts.

_____________Chorale Cues: (Hubert Hoehn) Prepares newsletter to keep Chorale membership informed of Board activities, upcoming events, and general information. This is produced several times during the year.

______________Public Relations: (Jess Kuperavage) Responsible for all publicity and advertising of Chorale concerts and functions.


______________Hospitality: (LaneAnne Vanderlinden) Makes all arrangements for receptions for the Open Rehearsals. Needs help with set-up/clean-up for all receptions.

_______________Logistics: (Bob Huntington) Responsible for concert logistics, stage placement, procession, etc.

________________Stage Decor and Flowers: (Anne Foss) Responsible for placing stage decorations at concerts and buying/presenting flowers to the director or other appropriate persons. Needs help transporting stage decorations in and out of venues.

________________Tickets: (Lois Rys) Designs tickets and has them printed. Responsible for finding and working with a non-singer (friend or spouse of Chorale members) who will distribute and sell tickets at Chorale performances. Tracks all ticket sales and prepares report for Board.

__Need 5_________Ushers: (Dennis Marchi) Provides ushers for the concerts that will seat audience, collect tickets, and provide an attendance count to the vice president of the Chorale. Needs volunteers found from non-singers, family members and/or friends.

__________________Stage Manager: (Chuck Braband) Assists with onstage placement of props and singers/instrumentalists at Dress Rehearsal. Sets up banner. During concert opens and closes curtain and directs movements of singers/instrumentalists as indicated in the script. After concert, assists with breakdown and storage of risers, music stands, chairs, props etc. Checks dressing rooms, warm up room, backstage and auditorium for left over programs, music folders, etc. Takes down banner and stores in Bob's car.

___________________Needed: Volunteer to handle movement of risers for any off-campus programs.


_____________________Donations: (Need Volunteer) Solicits donations from the Chorale membership and friends for the support of the Chorale. In conjunction with the Chorale treasurer, sends acknowledgements to those who contribute to the Chorale.

________________________Program Ads: ( Jan Withers) Coordinates the solicitation of ads for the Chorale programs. Passes ad copy to the editor of the program and sees that the money for ads is passed to the Treasurer. Maintains an accurate list of ads, along with the Point of Contact for the ads, to be used at the beginning of the next ad campaign.

_________________________Grant Preparation: (tba) Prepares application forms for securing grant monies from the United Way, Maryland State Arts Council, and Queen Anne’s County Arts Council, and others as they become available.


_______________________Personnel: (Marty Clayton) Evaluates the work of the Chorale’s Artistic Director and Accompanist annually and prepares a report to the President to be kept on file and distributed to the Board.

__________________________Recruitment: (Bob Huntington) Responsible for direct solicitation of potential new members and past members.

___________________________Sunshine Fund: (Barbara O’Connor/Kathy Jo Keever) Sends cards and /or flowers when appropriate for illness or bereavement of chorale members and close family members.

___________________________Name Tags: (Hubert Hoehn)


(Ellen Helms) Distributes, collects, and stores music. Maintains singer database and music inventory.

**Please return these completed forms to Carlene Cooke, Vice President