Artistic Director's Goals 2019-2020

The 2018-2019 (30th anniversary) season was a huge success musically and financially, despite having to find and adapt to a new rehearsal venue. Both concerts were well received with rave reviews.

1. A BOD representative needs to address and regularly reinforce the


a. General tardiness

b Eliminate sidebar conversations and encourage use of Mishap Forms

c. Marking music with edits by second rehearsal

2. Continue individual and section part preparation

a. Part CDs and posting tracks on Cloud

b. Sectionals held early in semester

c. If and when possible, offer mini-sectionals later in the semester

d. Have a section stand and sing

e. Experiment with volunteer demonstration quartets

f. Experiment with “show of hands” self-evaluation for readiness/

comfort level

g. Encourage Section Leaders to send reminders as needed

3. Continue work with listening skills

a. More chordal warm-ups

b. Matching phrasing and blending on vowels and consonants

c. Overall balance, blend & intonation

4. Take SE with volunteers to outreach concerts

a. Use sign-up sheet to ensure good balance for each section

b. Suggest that each singer volunteer for one concert per semester