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Our mission is to enhance the lives of the Chesapeake Bay Area residents through a variety of quality choral music. We welcome adult and youth singers in our community chorus and provide skills development in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Welcome to one and all who've joined in this adventure of singing online! We have singers who've joined us from Maine to West Virginia!

We'll all be learning together to use My Choral Coach, rehearsing in our homes as well as on Zoom, recording our singing which will culminate into a lovely Christmas radio program!


Question: How will the online rehearsals work?

Answer: You will meet weekly on Zoom in your voice section (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass). Rehearsals are led by Artistic Director Bob Huntington and Accompanist Julia Morris-Myers, who will lead warm-up exercises, guide the group through each song, and provide extra coaching on difficult parts in the music. In addition to the Zoom rehearsals, your $30 registration will include access to an app called My Choral Coach, which has all of your sheet music, as well as audio recordings for each song that you can rewind and adjust the speed for as you learn your part. My Choral Coach also has a function that can evaluate you as you practice to show your improvement as you learn and let you know which parts of a song you need to practice more.

Question: What is the rehearsal schedule?

Answer: Rehearsals begin on September 14 with a mandatory first rehearsal that will orient you to the technology we will be using. They will continue weekly through December 7. Throughout the semester, you will meet in your voice section (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass). Sopranos and basses will meet from 7-7:45 pm. Altos and tenors will meet from 8-8:45 pm.

Question: Is there a way to interact with other singers?

Answer: Yes, the Zoom meeting opens 10 minutes ahead of when rehearsal starts to allow for social time with other members of your voice part (sopranos, altos, tenors, basses).

Question: Who can join? Do I need to audition to join?

Answer: We accept singers from high schoolers to senior citizens! High school and college students sing for free. No auditions are necessary for the main chorale, but they are part of the process if you are interested in joining the select ensemble or performing a solo.

Question: How will the concert be performed if we’re singing online?

Answer: Each singer will use the My Choral Coach software to record themselves singing each song and send the file to our audio editing team, which will put the files together into one unified song. Songs will be recorded and sent in throughout the semester so that the audio team has plenty of time to edit each one.

The songs will be combined into a full-length concert recording that will be aired on FM 96.7, which airs out of Easton, MD. The 60-minute broadcast will play 5 times during the Christmas season, on December 14, 19, 20, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Question: I live outside of the range of the radio station the concert will be playing on. Is there a way for my friends and family to listen?

Answer: Yes, FM 96.7 (Easton) has live online streaming available on their webpage. We will alert you to when the concert will air, so that you and your friends and family know when to listen.

For more information, please contact

BOD President Jess Kuperavage 302-538-0131

Artistic Director Bob Huntington at 240-505-0265